Is Retraining as an Electrician an option for me?

Due to the global recession, banking crisis and credit crunch it seems like the perfect storm of doom has arrived and more and more people are facing the scary prospect of being made unemployed, and if you do find yourself in that undesirable situation you are going to be one of almost 3 million people…

Electrician Apprenticeships Explained

If you’re considering whether becoming an electrician is the right career choice for you, then you should know by now that being an electrician is a very rewarding career. You will not find yourself stuck behind a desk or stuck in a factory all day, it is financially very rewarding and comes with a job…

Electrician Training Books

Introduction to Electrical Installation Work: City & Guilds Diploma in Electrotechnical Technology A great introductory guide to electrical installation work, this guide provides students with all the key concepts and practical information that they will need to give them the very best chance of passing their course.This guide is clearly written and has a highly…

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